By George Smith

This country must redefine a label, change it, label it for what it is and stop using it in a blurred sense.

The label? Pro-life.

Everybody is pro-life…me, you, them, us!

Those who support Donald Trump, the most corrupt president in this country’s history, are not pro-life…they are anti-abortion.

Trump is only anti-abortion now because of its basic appeal to his base. A life-long chameleon on the issue, he has donated multiple times to Planned Parenthood and donated to candidates who fervently believe that a woman, in cincert with her doctor and God, has singular control over her body. And, according to second-wife Marla Maples, when she informed her then-boyfriend she was pregnsnt, he said, “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

And, then, there’s the issue of the American community making a commitment to assist in taking care of children born in less than ideal conditions. What, then?

The president has demanded cuts to programs aimed at supporting low income families with children.

(From Chikdren’s Defense Fund —April 2020)
President Trump’s 2020 budget request landed with a thud this week, laden with deep cuts to programs that lift millions of children and their families out of poverty every year. In a moment of great prosperity, just more than a year after giving away $2 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy, the President has once again offered a draconian budget that would leave more children hungry, unhoused and uninsured.

“The President has proposed cutting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) by $220 billion over the next decade, even though SNAP helped 19.2 million children avoid hunger in 2016 and kept 1.5 million children out of poverty in 2017.”

Do not tell me this president cares about children, the embryo or newborn.

He cares about one thing — himself. It’s all about his fragile ego and how tough he can portray himself to be.

He’ll use anything — even the future and fate of children — to fulfill his fantasies of power and complete adulation.

He wants the best of all alt-right worlds: A strong, unwavering anti-abortion stance … AND a just-as-strong stance against so-called “gimme” programs that protect the health and well-being of children.

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