By George Smith

Three C’s that drive the Trump administration’s policies and agenda:




The president, the Exalted Whim Master, creates chaos for his staff, party and the nation with his serial dishonesty, constant mental meddling in medical matters and his belief that the world’s richest country can be run like a reality television show. His erratic actions have angered long-time allies around the world and have caused more in-White House turnover of key staff members than pancakes at a Waffle House.

Those that blindly follow this mental-breakdown-waiting-to-happen will, at some level (if they are attached to reality at any level) will have a WHOA! moment, a blast of clarity when they realize the man they once believed was ordained by God to be president is, in fact, on the downhill side of cray-cray.

The diagnosis is in … Trump is a sociopath with delusions of grandeur, a man devoid of normal human emotions. Unable to show empathy, he has, in his words and actions, placed dollar signs and stock market numbers ahead of human life.

Those that believe COVID19 is a hoax or akin to the regular flu and that the president is the best person to deal with the pandemic are delusional fools 

If almost four years under the switcheroo policies of this president and his cast of boot-licking lackeys has not taught citizens that ABT (Anybody But Trump) has to be the choice in the 2020 general election, there is no hope to salvage their mental stability.

There is nothing the president can do to salvage his reputation as the worst president in the country’s history.

Those who voted for him in 2016 still have an opportunity to “come to the light”, so to speak, and right a historical General Election mistake by choosing a reasonable choice for president in November rather that the political equivalent of the “Seed of Chucky”.

In your heart, you know it’s time. Past time, even.

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