April 4, 2020

C-19 Vol III Jim Harris

“Medium” appears to be a reliable blog about C-19. You should consider signing up and reading their several articles about the virus daily, sent to you.  
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The Washington Post

U.S. Navy Capt. Brett Crozier has turned into something of a martyr for sailors on a virus-stricken aircraft carrier in Guam. A leaked letter Crozier wrote accused his commanders of “failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset — our sailors” by refusing to evacuate the ship. The Navy subsequently relieved the captain of his command, prompting hundreds of sailors to fill the deck and chant: “Captain Crozier!”


Here’s what our science writer Ed Yong reported about the efficacy of such masks yesterday:
A few studies suggest that homemade cloth masks are less effective than proper medical ones, but are still better than nothing. In one experiment, a surgical mask filtered 89 percent of viral particles from the air, a tea towel blocked 72 percent, and a cotton T-shirt blocked 50 percent. … If people use makeshift masks, they should thoroughly wash them afterward. And most of all, they should remember that homemade masks are not fully protective.

By Jessica Harker
Marshall will receive $212,544, Longview will receive $409,551 and Tyler will receive $514,341.

This grant may be used for a range of eligible activities that prevent and respond to the spread of COVID-19, such as: public testing; providing equipment; delivering meals; training health care workers; constructing a facility for testing, diagnosis, or treatment; improving or re-purposing an existing facility for the use of housing or treating patients; and providing grants or loans to support businesses in creating jobs and manufacturing medical supplies necessary to respond to the disease.

First COVID-19 death reported in Panola County; Harrison county remains at 5 confirmed cases
HealthCARE Express in Marshall to open COVID testing site
Beginning Thursday, April 2, the HealthCARE Express clinic here in Marshall will join the ranks of the clinics HealthCARE Express has designated as COVID-19 testing centers in their communities.

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What Italian Pediatricians Can Tell Us

As most pediatric practices are now doing here in the United States, they are trying to keep children out of medical offices and clinics. Essential vaccines are still being given (nobody wants to see one pandemic complicated by the emergence of other infections that could have been prevented).

“You have to talk to children, you cannot leave children with their fears,” he said. “It’s better to talk rather than avoid talking.”

What New York Looked Like During the 1918 Flu Pandemic
Good historical story. That flu was more severe and had its highest mortality in young adults.

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Coronavirus. COVID-19.

By George Smith

Coronavirus.  COVID-19.

I know some people who are not taking this pandemic seriously. They are flirting with disaster of the most personal kind.

BobJean and I are among the lucky ones. We live of County Road 31, off State Highway 73 in big-time rural Nevada County, Arkansas. 

Our house is at the end of a dirt road and at the end of a 220-yard lane. If you come to our house, you are looking for us or you are lost.

Our intent is to keep this highly infectious disease away from the house on Bedspring Ridge and stay healthy.

To achieve that end, we go to town only when we have to, wearing gloves and masks and wiping down everything we might touch outside our realm of isolation. 

We even wipe down the mail with Clorox wipes, UPS or FedEx packages, too, outside and contents. We used to save grocery sacks for friends; now, we dispose of them.   

Following the advice from a website, we have a “dirty” and “clean” side of our large countertop island. Groceries or other items brought in are put on the dirty side and unpacked; all items are washed and/or wiped down with sanitary wipes and placed on the “clean” side. After all items are put away, the entire counter is wiped down with Clorox wipes.

When I go check on my aunt and uncle, I wear gloves and touch nothing. I take them food occasionally and make sure the containers have been wiped down. 

Overkill? Who knows. But at our age —fast approaching 73 and 75—and with certain medical conditions, why take a chance?

Being a “semi-colon” people (you know, when you hit a semi-colon in a sentence…it means you ain’t done yet!) we have a ton of living to do. We have places to see, grandkids to hug and spoil, ideas to be explored and college students to inspire us to keep living and sharing. 

And, we have each other. After being separated for more than four decades — from being young and stupid (me) to finding each other again was like winning the lottery of life.

This time of our life is too good, to precious, to throw it away by being hard-headed or neglectful or forgetful.

Be smart. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

We are all valuable cargo and our time to live is…right now.

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