By George Smith

I hate wishing for things that WILL NOT happen, but in this case I’m going to wish for it anyway.

I wish upon a star that Michelle Obama would agree to be Joe Biden’s choice for vice president.

Hoot and holler and laugh if you will, but adding her to the ticket would ensure Donald Trump would be a one-term, disgraced, impeached-for-eternity president.

That woman on the ticket would solidify every segment of the Democratic Party — true-blue party loyalists, women and minorities, and a goodly number of Republicans (men and women) dog-tired of the Trump shenanigans, lies and foibles.

Intelligent-cubed, scandal-and rumor-free, the former First Lady would excite the Democratic base like no other candidate.

And, she is the perfect fallback for any voter concerned about Biden’s age or overall health.

She won’t take the job; she’s already been in that public bubble for eight excruciating years. And, as the “most admired woman in America” several years running, she simply does not need the hassle of being hassled throughout a months’-long presidential campaign.

She won’t take the job. Or…would she if she believed her addition to the ticket would be the only way to oust Trump from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

And, wouldn’t it be a certified YeeHaw moment to witness a debate between her and uptight Mike Pence? Now, that would be a Pay-for-View moment in TV history.

Shoot, I’d bet dollars to donuts that the current FLOTUS, Melania Trump, would vote for a Biden-Obama ticket…anything to get out from under the microscope of living in the White House.

Com’ on, Michelle. Give the country a little love. Sign up on Uncle Joe’s team.

Take one for the team! 

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