Marshall Begins Mosquito Spraying

[Marshall, Texas, April 20, 2020]

The Public Works Department will begin its spraying program this week to combat the number of mosquitoes in the area after recent rains.

With the recent heavy rains and warmer temperatures, Marshall has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  The City of Marshall is actively addressing the issue by spraying the entire city twice a month until cooler temperatures arrive in the fall.

“The City of Marshall has recorded over eighteen inches of rain the first three months of the year, so the ground is saturated and there’s standing water everywhere which breeds mosquitos,” Public Works Director Eric Powell, PE, said.

The spraying program involves driving every street in the city and spraying with an Ultra-Low Volume machine that produces an ultra-fine mist of mosquito killer.  The ultra-fine mist is not harmful to humans and pets.  The ultra-fine mist allows tiny droplets to drift over a much larger area than will be sprayed.  The spraying zones will remain the same from 2019, but the time will be changed to 8:00 – 11:00 p.m.  The spraying occurred in the early morning hours in 2019, but research has shown city-wide spraying to be more effective in the evening hours.

The spraying isn’t just for the mosquitoes; it’s also for the diseases and viruses they carry.  All residents should take proper precautions to avoid being bitten.  “We urge citizens to enjoy their outdoor areas and use common sense,” Powell said. “Wear a mosquito repellant, consider adding mosquito repellent plants to your landscape, and don’t open windows unless they have screens on them.”

“To combat this issue, we are asking residents to help the entire community to reduce and eliminate standing water on private property.”  Marshall has numerous creeks and drainage ditches and almost all are privately owned as they run across private property, neighborhoods, and subdivisions.

Powell urged private owners and their neighbors to take action and work together to eliminate any unnecessary standing water which serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  “If there’s standing water, try to eliminate it.  Fill it with dirt or turn it over if there’s an object holding water,” he said.

“It’s a hard battle if we don’t have help from residents,” he said.  “As long as we have warm weather reports, we’re going to continue to spray for mosquitoes.”

If there’s an area that’s badly concentrated with mosquitoes, Mr. Powell asks residents to call the City of Marshall Public Works Department so they can double up on spraying in that area. For more information or if an additional application of spray is needed in an area, call the Public Works office at (903) 935-4485.

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