By George Smith

Sitting in the front porch in my king-throne rocker, reading my eighth book on the 45th president and enjoying a cup of Starbucks Pike Place coffee. 

The Heat Dish is keeping me toasty and Bonedawg is keeping me company, although he is hating the rain. “There’s squirrels to chase, Dad! Make it stop!”

The book on TrumpWorld by conservative political lobbyist, marketing and branding guru Rick Wilson, who worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign, is a rollicking, laughter-filled diatribe about a right-wing operative who quickly saw through the corruption and yeehaw operations of the Trump regime and admittedly is trying to cleanse his soul (and reputation) by declaring that not only does is Emperor Trump nekkid, but that he is also without  ethics, moral substance, or enough intelligence on any global topic to make an calculated judgement on any meaningful topic.

In a phrase, Wilson is a creative, literary genius, putting together stories and descriptive  phrases that are both hilarious and memorable. Like:

— Trump followers believe he is a mystic, wondering, for example, “Can Trump’s bath water truly cure psoriasis?”

— Wilson did not see a way Trump could be the leader of the free world and “hold the lives and security of  millions  of Americans in his hands.

.”His tiny-tiny lemur-paw hands,”

— On Texas Sen.Ted Cruz. “The bargain Cruz made … to win over Trump voters has reduced him from a Republican Party rock star to something akin to  Trump World house pet: Tolerated, occasionally praised, but mostly kept out of sight lest he soils the carpet.”

— Subchapter title: “We hate big government, except when it’s gettin’ the Messicans!”

“Everything Trump Touches Dies” by Wilson is a great, eye-opening read, from a staunch conservative who, early on, saw “The Chosen One” for the person for the person he is: A celebrity hypnotist vomiting out … spittle-flecked, nationalist message(s) to the furious and the fabrile….”

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