By George Smith

Two words: Mental flaccidity.

Two cojoined words: Lindsey Graham.

In 2016 Graham called Donald Trump a “race-baiting xenophobic bigot.” Now, Graham is a Trumper through-and-through; nothing the president has done or will do will sway his faithful servitude.

Why? Why has Lindsey Graham gone from a Trump-aginner to a Trump-spinner?

Plain and simple, he has sold his soul, whatever tiny bit of character he had, allegiance to the endangered species called “personal ethics” and his legacy to get re-elected and hold onto the mantle of senatorial power.

There was a time when the senator’s voice meant something, when people waited to hear his measured assessment on key issues. 

Now, he’s just one of Trump’s lackeys, a prime example of today’s two-faced, hypocritical politician that has taken up permanent residence in Washington-on-the-Deficit. These survive-at-any-costs mental pettifoggers will urinate  on the grave of their mother to keep a title (representative or senator) that used to be revered but now is not worth “a bucket of warm spit,” to quote the late John Nance Garner, commenting on the office of vice president, which he held … and despised.

Congress should be staffed with patriots, civil servants who put the country’s interests ahead of personal preference and partisan party policies and platform planks. 

Today, for the most part, residents are represented by me-first egoists who are corrupted by the power and money that come with winning a regional,  state or nationally elected office.

Where are the men and women whom possess inner peace and exude strength of character? Where are those who believe a life well lived is not measured in awards, magazine covers, complimentary Twitter posts snd seven-digit  followers,  and a bank statement with a dizzying numbers of zeroes in the bank. Where are those who want to pass from this world with their life measured and wrapped up in good works and examples of kindness to all.

Where are the heroes? We never needed them more.

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