By George Smith


What is it?

“Truth” used to be verifiable information, but in the age  of dysfunctional politics, “truth” is as elusive as a will ‘o the wisp; it is what people say it is, what people want to believe, or hope, it is. Or, perhaps, truths are no longer truths, only perceptions.

President Donald Trump has turned the social media application Twitter into his own personal polygraph, a device that spews his pronouncements into the ether, words that his followers can embrace and acclaim to be the gospel according to the self-proclaimed “Chosen One.”

An enigma wrapped in a puzzle…that is the president. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Advanced Flimflam,  a master’s in the Philosophy of Audacity and a PhD. in Comparative 

BS, Trump, with his gladiator approach to life in general, is an oversized cartoon figure, an egomaniac with a hankering for only two things: Money and power. Anything else needed, he figures, he can attain it with money and/or power.

The president is one of those rare individuals who can never be satisfied: There can never be enough people to sing his praises, enough women to please his desires, enough followers to buy his MAGA merchandise snd shout his praises, enough money to fill his coffers, enough important peole to kowtow to him or seek his blessing.

Enough. Never enough.

It was not enough for this long shot for his party’s nomination to get the nomination and, then, knock off the Dem Queen on the way to the Royal Coronation.

It was not enough to win, to pull off the biggest upset in political history since Harry Truman edged Thomas Dewey.

Donald Trump had to pull a Frank Sinatra and pull a full-blown monty of .”I Did It My Way.” 

And by doing so, by making THE presidency HIS presidency, he had to —no, was compelled to— create a presidency in the Trump image: out-sized, raucous, chaotic,  domineering, outrageous. His presidency started off with an oath of lies; the initial lies grew exponentially as the human peacock started posturing for his base in more intricate ways, popping off promises via his daily upchuck of tweets, pronouncements at rallies and throwaway lines in impromptu calls to friendly talking heads and media scrums.

His base rejoiced in the absurdity posing as policy; his detractors were forever askance at behavior they deemed coarse, gross and decidedly unpresidential.

What to do? What to do?

As a wise woman once said about life in general: “It is what it is.”

That’s where we are as a nation: It is what it is…until it is not.

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