Bjarne will be going to Jenny’s Dream Rescue

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

The following is a facebook post by Mzvicki Brooks

December 27 at 9:15 AM

I have Great news for everyonešŸ¾Bjarne will be going to Jenny’s Dream Rescue in PennsylvaniašŸ¾šŸ’œ

I was on the phone all night and early this morning talking with Kate from Rolling Thunder Farms!!! They are connected and they save fighting pits and poor dogs like Bjarne!!! This is their passion!! They are working really hard to put together a private transport!! 

Looks like he will be leaving the weekend of the 4th of January.  If anyone wants to donate for his journey, I would send to Jenny’s Dream Rescue. They take many used fighting dogs and sick pits from Texas and Louisiana!!

Bjarne just had a warm breakfast and his meds!!!  He was wagging his tail so fast and let me doctor his sores!!! I’m So happy Happy for him!!! Him and I are both blessed this morning for the good news of his rescue!!!

It takes a village to save these baby’s for sure, and I will keep everyone posted of his progress!! Thank you for ALL who have helped to save himšŸ¾šŸ’œ

Editor’s Note: Thank you Vicki Brooks for your tireless effort to save animals in Harrison County. Let’s hope that after years of non-productive talking and arguing the officials of Marshall and Harrison County decide to get serious and take action to replace the 50-year old animal shelter!

Concern citizens, particularly voters, of the Marshall and Harrison County DEMAND that they replace our animal shelter in 2020!

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