Spiritual warfare

By George Smith

That’s what this nation is facing with President Trump and his impeachment.

Two words, spiritual. warfare, are tearing this nation asunder.

Heartfelt prayers are uplifted by people of all faiths for Trump to be exonerated…and also to be relegated to the dung heap of history reserved for crooked politicians. In due time, it appears this Christmas season 2019, he will occupy a place of prominence in both sides of this divisive segment of presidential history.

To his supporters— the Hillary haters or the racists or those one-issue citizens (abortion, immigration, end to “gummit gimme” programs)—Trump is, to quote George Clooney in “O’ Brother, Where Art Thou!”, the “damn paterfamilias” of a huge living, breathing body of don’t-care-what-he-does-as-long-as-he-satisfies-my-concerns followers.

The most perplexing of his supporters, to free-thinkers, at least, are evangelical Christians. Regular, every-Sunday-or-so Christians simply cannot understand the fervent soul-salivating of evangelical preachers and those that follow their lead in  worshipping Trump. After boiling away all the fiction surrounding Donald Trump, he is the  anti-Christian, a reprobate, a fraud, a serial adulterer who tried to get Wife No. 2 to get an abortion, a serial scam artist who has pushed six businesses into bankruptcies, and paid out millions after being forced to close his “university” and his “foundation.”

By any definition, Trump is no Christian. So, Trumpeteers, find another paterfamilias to follow

Now, that we’ve settled that argument once and for all…./:-)

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