As Expected and Predicted

By George Smith

As expected and predicted by government and private sector economists, the Trump administration’s combination of a big increase in military spending and a very large reduction in revenues (mainly aimed at the super-rich and big corporations) meant rapidly growing interest payments both because of higher deficits and debt and rising interest rates.

The self-ordained “stable genius” and fiscal wunderkind (who has, should we forget, have had six businesses go into bankruptcy) is spending our children’s and grandchildren’s future. And 40-plus percent of Americans simply do not care.

It is not a partisan rant to proclaim the country is in serious fiscal trouble even for these relatively good economic times.

And,  for the first time since the end of World War II, our allies in the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are skittish about our political moods, methods and motives in regard to America’s place in the world. Who are we … today? Who will we be … tomorrow?

You can defend your Trump vote by saying Hillary was not your candidate of choice, but that choice three years ago should not blind those that voted for Trump forever, or give them an excuse to forget the inexcusable behavior of a befuddled egomaniac and tyramt.

As a person, Donald Trump is fatally flawed; his errant, unpredictable mental flappings of delusional conspiracies galore are too frequent to be contrived. He is, in a word, delusional.

In fact, he is dangerous in the office he holds and those who bow to his wishes or (God forbid) believe his delusional thoughts come from some divine intervention, are linked forever to the tearing apart of the moral and ethic fabric of the United States.

Look around you: You cannot blame the widening division in the country on partisan politics or Hillary Clinton. You cannot blame Barack Obama for the out-of-control, runaway federal budgets and spiraling federal debt; the GOP was in charge of Congress six of Obama’s eight yers in office.

The increasing partisan rancor, the ridiculing and sloughing off of valued global allies, scandals and investigations and pleas and sentences of Trump associates, and, yes, even the impeachment proceedings against the president, lies squarely on the twirling brainpan thoughts, tweeting fingers and twitching tongue of the president.

Defend him and his aberrant behavior at your peril. For, as sure as you are reading this line, if you are an ardent defender of President Trump, you will find yourself on the wrong side of history.

He will be reviled for generations to come because of his economic shortcomings, belief that his thoughts are laws-in-action and that his infallibility comes from God, and ill treatment of citizens and immigrants alike.

It is his future. It does not have to be the future of his current followers. It’s not too late to embrace our better selves, to interact with the truth that shows beyond a doubt Trump is a fake and a fraud and will be forever branded as the most horrid person —personally and professionally — ever to hold the highest office in the United States.

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