What team(s) could take down Trump-Pence

By George Smith

What team(s) could take down The Trump-Pence or Trump-Anybody ticket in 2020?

Every single Democratic presidential candidate needs a vice president who can bring in extra votes from various essential demographic segments from throughout the nation. 

On paper, Biden has more governmental experience than all the other candidates combined. But his age and tendency to “blank out” on occasion is a real cause for concern.

His running mate needs to be younger, female and/or a minority to satisfy the progressive and non-white voting blocs of the party.

Biden and … who? Georgia’s rising star Stacy Abrams? Or Sen. Kamala Harris?.” Or Texas’ Julian Castro? 

Elizabeth Warren would need a miracle to get the nomination. If she got it, she’d have to pick Sen. Corey Booker, Castro or dark horse Andrew Yang (see below). An all-female ticket sounds so “NOW cool” but any such ticket would get creamed in the general election. Why? Just because. The hard, sad reality is that America is not ready for an all-female ticket.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: See above.

Sen. Harris: Castro, Yang or Pete Buttigieg.

Andrew Yang is arguably –right there with Buttigieg — the smartest candidate running but the voting public’s general knowledge of the well-spoken entrepreneur is too miserly to form a positive impression. His non-profit Ventures for America was designed to create jobs in struggling American cities fits nicely with the progressive aims of the party.

Buttigieg has two negatives: He had no federal governmental experience and he’s openly gay, not that there’s anything wrong with either one. Any Democratic nominee must carry heavy minority support in all states to win and, as a sad truism, minority support for a gay candidate would be sorely lacking.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Sanders cannot win. A picture of him in ads with wind-blown hair and two words — “Socialist Jew!” — and Trump would win 46 states.

Age and proclaiming his love for socialism are vote-killers.

It is a sad fact that the average American does not know the difference between a socialist  and democratic socialism but there is the rub.

The other candidates, at this point, are after-thoughts who, individually, have to hit a collective heartstring with a huge slice of Democrats and Independents in order to break out of the bottom tier of wanna-be’s.

Can any candidate, any ticket, beat Trump and Company?

Even with impeachment hanging in the air like a guillotine over the president, his foundation of support seems as strong as186 proof moonshine.

Opposing party candidates are not going to win the nomination, much less the election, by promising big dollar gimme programs like Medicare for all and free college and college debt forgiveness without addressing the federal debt, high medical costs and the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure.

Right now, with the candidates on the trail, defeating Trump in November 2020 is an uphill battle in icy conditions.  And it is already looking like the snow chains were left at home.

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One thought on “What team(s) could take down Trump-Pence

  1. George, unfortunately I’m drinking from the same bottle of despair as are you. Hard to believe the Democrats seem to be picking fruit from a dying tree.


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