By George Smith

Ethics? Gone. 
Moral judgement? Gone.
Common sense? Gone.
Grasp of basic human emotions? Gone.
Basic political survival mode? Strong as 180 proof moonshine.

That’s the state of a majority of elected Republicans in Washington-on-the-Deficit as the Trump Train roars down the mountain at 90 mph. with the party’s hand on the throttle.

Will individual representatives and senators be scalded to death by the steam?

Bad analogy, assuredly, but you get the point.

There are many good people on both sides of the political spectrum. In this era of constant head-shaking actions, when it seems light is dark and up is down is the truism of the day. But those good people who are standing strong in support of the most conflicted president in history are inflicted with a hard-to-control virus: Reelectionitis.

The symptoms include:

— Blind acceptance of dictated talking points on any subject dealing with the actions of President Trump.

— Lacking the ability to conjure up and espouse original thoughts.

— Inability to discern the difference between the truth and blatant lies.

— Disintegration of spinal column and severe depletion of intestines in males and females; males may also experience a severe shrinkage of testicular matter.

— Formally and openly offering for sale one’s independence, ethical spirit and moral fiber.

It is excruistingly sad  to watch professional, so-called public servants sign up to enhance the Cult of Trump with their actions, words of praise and defense of the president’s indefensible actions  simply to maintain a public office.

Do they all not realize three key truisms about the backing of this morally flawed human being will be their legacy as chronicled by public records and historians?

Three points of which Trump kowtow-ers should take heed:
1. His followers will forever be linked to Trump’s administration, which has been marked by violence, abuse of human rights, scandals involving key officials and impeachment.

2. They will be forever s part of and  ridiculed for their strident support to this president who has made public statements detrimental to those with  a physical handicap, Gold Star families, Native Americans, immigrants, those opposing white nationalists, foreign counties he deems of inferior status, women in general and the women he paid money to in exchange for silence about alleged affairs in particular.

3. For being members of the Cult of Trump for whatever reason, his supporters enable and tacitly give their blessing to his bullying, support of tax breaks for the rich, spiraling deficit, shunning valued allies in need, a widening of the wealth gap of the uber-rich and the other 99 percent of Americans, and the frightening fluctuation of respect other countries have for the U.S.

To many politicians, selling one’s soul is simple: Just spit on the notion of using common sense, putting country over party and following the Golden Rule.

It’s an easy choice when all you truly care about is the “now”, and what
you have endure to keep turf, territory,  title and ego intact.

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