By Ron Munden

Two stories tell the story:

First –

Russia Says Trump Offered To Help Putin Fight Forest Fires In Siberia

President Trump spoke with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday and offered U.S. help in fighting widespread forest fires raging in parts of Siberia, according to a Kremlin account of the call.


Second –

Trump threatens to cut off federal funding for California wildfires

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday morning his first comments about the wildfires blazing through California attacking Gov. Gavin Newsome saying he has done a “terrible job” of forest management.

For the record – 57% of the forests in California are federal land and under the management of the federal government, not the state of California.  So if Trump wants to point the finger at who has failed, he should rotate his finger 180 degrees.

This is just another incident that makes one question who Trump really works for. 

Only weeks ago he sold out our allies the Kurds and gave our enemy Russia what they wanted – control of Syria.  This decision will cost American solders their life and that blood will be on Trump’s hands.

Trump campaigned on making America great again but is spends a lot of time making our enemy Russia great again.

It is clear that Putin has Trump by the balls.  The only question is “What does Putin have on him?”