By George Smith

That’s a word that describes Vice President Mike Pence perfectly and his view of what a Christian should be.

Well, that is just one word and one way of looking at America’s No. 2. A couple more would be “punctilious” and even “fussy.”

Pence is a walking, talking contradiction: He’s a relatively quiet man who seems content to literally stay in Trump’s shadow, but in an instant he chameleons into a showy, know-it-all when it comes to showcasing his individual brand of Christianity. 

His personal religious brand is a subdued, mis-directed version of the money-grubbing, televangelists: He doesn’t ask for money, he demands you believe the way he does about religion or your opinion does not count. 

Pence appears to professes he is at a level of  Christian belief that has risen above the fight of good vs. evil we mortals face daily. Yet he gives his unconditional loyalty to a man who is a serial adulterer, an admitted sex addict, an obnoxious, lying bully and who proudly confessed to be an abuser of women. 

Pence, a self-described  “man of God,” puts his pious self forefront on the dais of self-righteouness; he pulpit pounds his beliefs into those that are baptized in the tweeted fire and brimstone of the right-wing doctrine of The Honorable Donald J. Trump.

Pence wants folks to think of him as the conscientious adult in the administration. However, his desire is severely compromised by his obsession with pleasing Trump and garnering praises the president’s base (which he idolizes and shares his gilded feelings for his lord and master’s every belittling, demeaning, juvenile, policy-changing, official-firing, economic- or warfare-threatening tweet). 

Pence’s kowtowing to Trump’s every mind-numbing whim is like a third grader fawning over a charismatic but horribly unprepared teacher. In this case, however, the “teacher” is in the second grade.

What is Pence thinking? What keeps him from projective vomiting when he has to smile at Trump’s half-baked edicts and asinine executive orders which have no basis in reality or in the rule of law?

Is Pence automatically assuming that when Trump is no longer president, he will be the de facto leader of the Republican Party? If that is his thought process, he is committing political hari kari. 

Win or lose in 2020, Trump is not going anywhere. If he wins, he will be free to go from half-cocked on issues to three-quarters cocked. And by the end of his second term, voters will be so tired of the vaudevillian horseplay and slapdash policy-making  they would assuredly vote for anyone but a Trump accolyte.

If Trump loses next year, and that is certainly possible, he will not just ride into the sunset. The taste of enormous power handed to him by virtue of the office he holds has unleashed a Stephen King-caliber monster in this president and he will do whatever takes to stay in power and continue mining the l thought control tunnel he has dug into his base of millions.

Mark this down after this November 2020 headline appears: “Trump Loses Re-election Bid Bigly”: As ex-president he will buy a cable channel (DJT-TV) with news by, for, and with Donald J. Trump, 24/7.

He will continue to run the Republican Party from outside the party…you know, like he does now.

And Pence and Graham and other boot-licking GOPers will have to be content to make appearances on the by-then-almost-defunct Fox News Channel and get  one-minute interviews on the Rush Limbaugh Jr. radio show.

This era of American politics is not over and it won’t be until the fat man goes toe’s- up.

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