By George Smith

In the wild, some dominant males kill or eat the younger members of the group – gorillas, lions and polar bears come to mind.

In the wild world of politics, the same thing can happen; just observe, it’s happening now.

Alexandria Casio-Cortez, at 29 the youngest woman ever to be elected to the House of Representatives. Without a lot of trouble or pushy personal spotlighting, she has become a lightning rod attracting stiff strikes from the Republicans and members of her own party. She has personality-plus, is charismatic in the strictest sense of the word, is intelligent in many subjects, including having social media savvy unparalleled in politics.

Known in her first three months by supporters, detractors, social media posts. headlines and TV news station screen scrawls – AOC – she has already attained the celebrity political status of JFK, LBJ, RFK and MLK. That is not necessarily a good thing; Alexandria Casio-Cortez is a mouthful, AOC can be spat put in an instant.

This New York City resident has already been on the cover of Time for her take-no-prisoners style of pushing forth her agenda, and that fact alone infuriated every Republican with a heart (which should be assumed to be most of them), not to mention her party cohorts who believe she and her “cockamamie” New Green Deal platform is sucking all the air of the party’s standard platform of jobs, health care, Social Security and accepting of immigrants.

In the basic assessment of “too much-too soon,” the AOC aginners in both parties are right.

Youth has its advantages; patience is usually not one of them. AOC has the patience of a horse fly on LSD and the temperament of a honey badger in heat.

On the International Patience-O-Meter, she falls between “None at All” and “You’ve Got to be Freakin’ Kidding Me!”

It certainly does not hurt her overall efforts to note the fact she is a striking young woman, who is as photogenic as one of the younger Kardashian/Jenners (without the snotty attitude); cameras capture her vivaciousness and spirit without much effort. She is, in the shortest time in Congressional history, a true phenomenon…a shooting political star who does not worry about process and protocol, only about setting the national and global stage for results.

Everyone knew the GOP was going to come after her with claws extended; President Trump tweet-storms about her regularly and Fox News anchors castigate her on any slow news day.

The Old Hats of her own party took immediate offense at the lack of experience and depth of her agenda and her overall push for what they thought was only personal spotlight space.

Every one of her detractors are badly misjudging AOC, what she wants and what she expects from her term in office. Of course, she is new and in learning mode. Personally, I could have preferred she learned a little bit more about the inner workings of government before starting to cut the heads off sacred cows and stomping in the blood. But that’s not her style

She is using her instant-celebrity status to try and evoke real change in various segments of society, starting with climate change. She knows her time on this political stage may be relatively short (her goal is not to die in office after 25 terms) and she is not going to just sit there quietly and wait around for leaders to take orders from the monied interests that control 90 percent of elected officials.

She is AOC:


Make fun of AOC at your own risk. To be honest, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her or her methods; she only wants positive results for the nation, the world, the future.

Of course, isn’t that what we all would like to be the focus of all of our federal officials. We can argue her method from can to can’t, but it’s hard to argue with her motives … unless you just like to argue for the sake of arguing

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