Circumference of Me – Chapter 4

4. You’re terrified? Good!

Whether you are just starting off on your career journey or you have been a long-time employee, you may think every day that you are living on the edge of your abilities.

You’re not.

If you are like the huge majority of workers, you are ensconced inside a mile-wide comfort zone, not daring to step near the edges of your experience and abilities.

You may not recognize it, but your abilities will not grow, and the impact and importance of your experiences will shrink unlessand until you takes the necessary steps to live on the edge. Taking steps – even tiny, baby steps – past the edge of your self-imposed comfort zone is absolutely necessary for your personal and professional growth.

You know why you don’t venture closer to the edge. It’s your fear of failure — of biting off more than you can chew, of not gathering moss on your personal rolling stone, and a bevy of other clichés. Fear of failure is not fatal, but it’s also not conducive to progress among the office ranks.

If you feel you are watching the life drain out of your frame of opportunity — your abilities aren’t growing and the value of your experience is shrinking — then you have two choices:

  • Step back into more familiar surroundings and possibly stifle unseen opportunities, or
  • Step closer to the fearsome edge and get sucked away into a whole new universe of opportunity.

Of course, it’s frightening. The unknown always is. We all want to know what’s behind the veil of uncertainty in business or in life. Once you set foot in uncharted territory, you are where your hitherto accepted limits aren’t accepted, anymore.

It’s a time for reflection, reviewing old goals and setting new ones, and working to mesh your unspoken dreams with your new reality. You have faced your fears and taken decisive action to change what is within your power to change.

You are not the same person you were before you made a conscientious decision to actively seek change. Without experimentation, without exploring the depths of your potential, without expanding your knowledge base and business acumen, you cannot climb higher on the success ladder.

That which terrifies you also creates an opportunity for growth.

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