The Circumference of Me – Chapter 2

2. Positives from negatives

There are times in your life when things stop making sense. Familiar sights and sounds seem out of focus and muffled; systems which only yesterday were comforters in your business, non-profit association, or corporate world miraculously turn into a patchwork quilt with a Drunkard’s Path design. Policies which once seemed to protect you are suddenly, like the cat of homespun legend, stealing your breath away and smothering your creativity.

When your personal world – your professional portrait, familiar processes at home and work, predictable market trends – breaks apart, take comfort in the fact that there are always pieces left. Don’t discard those pieces; they are parts of you. Take them and play with them. Put them together to create a new picture of the change in you — a you collage.

To do that, take a giant step in the direction of change: Put your brain in neutral. Of course, that’s hard to do. Your brain does not normally recognize commands to go into neutral mode because it makes little sense of the attempt. With your brain in neutral, there are no thought patterns being created, and the brain is a pattern-loving organ. Your thinking self yearns to make sense of events, people, and opportunities; it wants to reason its way out of an economic ditch, a catastrophic relationship, or a job that sucks.

Putting your brain in neutral does not mean “not thinking.” It means selectively thinking about things that, when viewed from the perspective of your personal or professional life, are “neutral.”

One manager confides that her personal neutral mode consists of closing her eyes during a quiet moment and concentrating on a single thought: A turtle walking at the edge of a tranquil pond. In a personal form of meditation or bio-feedback, the woman simply takes a minute or less and “walks” the turtle in her mind – silently repeating the personal mantra, “Turtle, turtle, turtle,” the silent words matching each imagined step. This form of “non-sense” calms and relaxes this particular manager, enabling her to put her creative brain in neutral, giving herself a refreshing pause.

It’s the paradox of non-sense. Through this neutral process, or whichever one you choose, it’s possible to direct your brain back to Square One, then take off again to find to new patterns and conclusions. Now is as good a time as any to explode yourself with mental dynamite and reinvent you. It’s the perfect time for reinvestment of creative energy, setting new goals, dreaming new dreams, strengthening your personal will, and reorganizing your personal organizational structure to find positive uses for those tired, old, broken and scattered pieces of the s of your yesterday.

When things break – in your personal life, in your job, in the market – huge amounts of negative and positive energy are released. That energy has to go somewhere. You choose where to direct that energy…and when. Doesn’t it make sense to use it to enhance the positive side of your life?

That’s the premise and reason for the Circumference of Me: directing stray thoughts into a living, breathing, growing example of how you can change your life through the appreciation and development of a very special personal tool: personal thought leadership.

Take charge of your thoughts. Take charge of your life.

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