By George Smith

We are living in a time of undemocratic ideas, rancorous clambering for the sake of unsocial discourse and a time when one of the most important four-letter words in any language is missing: “Love.”

I know what “like” is and I know what “love” is. I also know what those terms are not.

I do not like a lot of items encountered in life: Brussels sprouts, jumping dogs, cooked liver, cats scratching up leather couches, overripe bananas, snakes, people with their noses in the air when they are not trying to smell something, bad newspapers, fake items posted on social media, fake people posting anything on social media, televangelists who live in $10 million houses and preach “prosperity” gospel messages and ask for money for prayer requests.

And, candy with peanut butter in it, items I want to buy but can’t afford, students who skipped class because “my grandmother died,” but who forgot the same grandmother died last semester, any ‘fresh’ fruit which has been frozen, lukewarm beverages, blue-striped skinks, feral hogs, other people’s kids that don’t have manners … and the list could go on forever.

And I love a lot of things. That list is endless. And I know what love is and I know what it is not.

Love is an incredible brouhaha of unfettered emotions that create an inseparable bond between people. Love is not thumbing your nose at friends or relatives because of something as trivial as a disagreement about politics.

Love is taking the lessons of the Bible and welcoming strangers into your land and doing what’s right simply because it is “right.” Love is not degrading potential citizens who are seeking a better life (just like all our ancestors) by calling them names, separating children from parents or guardians and putting them in detention cages.

Love is making sure this generation takes care of the older generation and knowing that the next generation will take care of this one. Love is not looking for ways to break promises made to ANY generation simply because the incompetence of a nation’s leaders in dealing with budgetary items and refusing to make fiscal decisions based on taking care of those that cannot take care of themselves.

And, love is telling the truth even when it hurts to do so. Love is not lying, cheating and conniving because you believe the end justifies the means.

This is an era where love, true love for our fellow world citizens is in short supply.

Love: The greatest of all four letter words. And, today, it is used less and acts that display it are few and far between.

Do your part today: Find something, someone to love.

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