Archaeological Museum – April 27, 2018 – Syracuse, Sicily, Italy


By Tom Allin

OK, we have done an archaeological park, a Roman villa with outstanding mosaics so
it only makes sense today to do an archaeological museum. It’s a short walk from
the hotel – like across the street and down no more than a block.

As we were paying for our tickets about 50 young students began their tour of the
ground floor. The lady issuing our tickets wisely suggested we go down to the
basement floor and take a look at the coins – let the students get ahead of us. Me, I
am not big on looking at coins – spending yes.

Anyway, we head down stairs. First thing I noticed was the vault door we had to
walk through and the second was the glass door is locked and we have to wait for
museum employee to unlock the door and let us in. Once inside it is very apparent
why the security – lots of gold and silver coins. Each case has a magnifying glass for
your use because some of these coins are very small. Small in these coins may be a
third of the size of our dime and maybe smaller.

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