Dirty Dancing — LIVE

5e8070-101wOvThe Strand Theater in ShreveportBy Deloris Munden

Last evening, I was one of a sold-out crowd at The Strand Theatre who was fortunate to experience a one-night performance of the movie Dirty Dancing. Live, on stage, with the throbbing hard-to-stay-in-your seat music, the songs many know by heart, the incredible costumes, and great dancing all interwoven with a beautiful and sad story of new, innocent, young love.

In 1987 the movie Dirty Dancing premiered. The title of the movie came easily to Linda Gottlieb, an MGM producer and Eleanor Bergston, a producer. Unfortunately, they lacked a story line and a script. Once those issues were solved, a few other problems lurked on the horizon — Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze hated each other resulting from their work together on “Red Dawn” The movie was made in the Catskills theoretically in the summer of 1963. But it was made in mid-October and the leaves were changing color which meant they had to be sprayed green. The lake where Jonny Castle (Patrick Swayze) taught Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey) how to jump into his arms was 40 degrees. The camera crew couldn`t film closeups because the actor`s lips were blue.

The story line for the movie could be girl discovers boy at summer camp. But there are many subplots that address morality, social bias and Baby shares with us her conflicts as she tries to maintain full disclosure and come to peace with cultural and social issues.

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