Sunshine Midway


October 2022


Sunshine Midway 


By Ron Munden 

This week the midway came to Downtown Marshall.  On Wednesday I was in downtown shooting and I ran into David Hill the owner of Sunshine Midway which operates out of Gilmer Texas.  Now I have the inside story on Mr. Hill’s business.

David said that the story begins with an intense but friendly competition between him and his next door neighbor over who could have the best Christmas light display.  Finally, the neighbors decided it had become too much and the competition ended.

Needing a project to fill the void, Mr. Hill decided to buy a 1941 carousel that was built in New York.  With that, Sunshine Midway was born.  That was 24 years ago.  Today the company has 29 rides and entertainment platforms.

Only a small portion of the rides  are set up in Marshall but there are plenty to keep your  children happy.

Mr. Hill  said the midway business is hard work but from our conversation it is clear that this is a labor of love for David.  He is particularly excited that his grandson is now working with him.  

The company starts the season in April  each year and its season finishes in November.  They are on the road in a different town almost every weekend during the season.  The area covered includes cities  in Texas and Arkansas.

Mr. Hill noted that over 15 midway companies have gone out of business since the start of the pandemic.   This has created an increased demand for the remaining companies.  David said that his telephone now rings off the hook.  He is booking all the dates that he can handle and is turning down work.

It was a pleasure to meet David.  I love to talk to people who are passionate about their work.  At 74 years, Mr. Hill has not lost that love of the business and enjoys going to work each day.

This weekend will be a great time to bring the kids out for a lot of fun in Downtown Marshall.


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