Stellenbosch – 28 May 2021 – South Africa

Editor note:

Another article from Tom Allin – World Traveler.  I know some of us  Harrison County travelers should see what real travelers do.  

By Tom Allin

We are back on the road but without the 4Runner.  We packed last night, had breakfast, packed the rental car and began our drive to Franschhock with a walking tour stop scheduled for Stellenbosch and a lunch afterwards.

Other than the light rain it appeared to be a good day – don’t you hate optimistic people.

OK — light rain, a rental car that is low to the ground rather than our high 4Runner, first time driving in South Africa and my memory has blanked out several other issues that may have had led me to be slightly stressed.  But I had Nancy, my navigator and entertainment director, in the right hand seat so let’s get on the road.

I don’t remember any wrong turns.  For the most part the highway driving was easy and the highway was well signed.  The highway was well maintained, hell I wish I-20 in Texas was as well maintained as the highway out of Cape Town.

Maybe we made one or two wrong turns, but it didn’t take us to long to find downtown Stellenbosch and most importantly a parking space – a head in parking space!

 We paid the city parking attendant and began walking towards Stellenbosch on Foot.  As you probably guessed from the name it was a company that provides walling tours.  Drops of rain were falling but I not going to say it was raining but more like a drizzle.

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