Continuing the Josey Legacy

R.E. and Martha Josey began their rodeo careers in the 1960s when Martha competed as a barrel racer, and R.E. competed as a calf roper. After meeting at a Rodeo, the couple fell in love, got married, and started down the rodeo road together. As they began to progress in their respected events the couple was seeing great success in their events. With a shared vision of starting a rodeo school, the couple moved to Martha’s childhood home Marshall, TX where they hosted their first rodeo school in the summer of 1967.

For the last 55 years, the Josey Ranch has continued to build a legacy through the Rodeo Industry training World Champions as the longest run rodeo school in the world.

This past weekend the Josey Ranch concluded its annual Spring I clinic with 77 barrel racers coming from ten different states including, Florida, Colorado, and Brazil. Students and their families spent the weekend on the Ranch working on barrel racing techniques, training methods, perfect practice, and learning how to set attainable goals for 2022 with Martha, Gary, and their impeccable staff.

Amongst the 77 students, many came together to spend the weekend learning from the Josey Ranch Instructors. Brandi Williams, a Texas Trainer, brought 12 students from her lesson program. This group included 12 students, 15 horses, 5 dogs, 5 trailers, and nearly 30 people total to all to Marshall, TX for the weekend.

“We love teaching,” explained Martha’s nephew and Josey instructor Gary Arthur. “We have taught thousands of students in the last 54 years, and they have all become part of the Josey Family. To see a clinic filled with so many students who were making their first trip to the Josey Ranch was incredible. We are truly blessed to be able to touch so many kids and adults in their dreams and passions.”

Along with these Texas students, one family came from Colorado. Andre Coelho, a native Brazilian, brought his family and 9-year-old, Maria Coellho, to ride in the clinic. The Coelho’s are currently staying in Colorado but going back to Brazil soon. They took the chance to attend a Josey Clinic before returning home.

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