Former Marshall Main Street Manager discusses appeal of termination

City Government – February 27, 2022

from  Marshall News Messenger

Former Marshall Main Street Manager discusses appeal of termination


A meeting to discuss an appeal of Marshall’s former Main Street Manager Veronique Ramirez’s termination has taken place, both Ramirez and the city confirmed.

Ramirez was terminated from her position at the end of last year amid a range of unusual circumstances and formally appealed her termination with the city. That appeal lead to a formal appeal hearing, which Ramirez and her attorney, Josh Maness, as well as interim city manager David Willard confirmed took place last month.

Willard also confirmed that the meeting did take place before the city posted a job opening for the new Main Street Coordinator position.

Ramirez said she was present at the meeting along with Maness, city attorney Scott Rectenwald and Willard.

Willard described the meeting as cordial, stating that he was grateful for Ramirez coming in and sharing with him details on what occurred with the termination.

“While it is very unfortunate me and the city parted ways, I have learned valuable lessons, and I will take with me the knowledge of municipality processes, how to manage a geographic area and organize a large-scale festival,” Ramirez said. “I am forever grateful for all the support from city co-workers to downtown business and interest holders that have supported me along the way.”

Rumors surrounding the termination began when Ramirez officially filed to run for the City of Marshall District 5 council seat in the upcoming May election.

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