Opinion: I do not openly embrace negativism

 Opinion: I do not openly embrace negativism

By George Smith  –February 19, 2022

I do not openly embrace negativism for the sheer sake of being negative. I do, however, by DNA, education and professional experience, do not suffer fools lightly and do not accept a “truism” until it has, in fact, been verified as true by two or more reliable sources.

Yes, I write negative commentary; yes, I call out the inexcusable abuses foisted upon individuals or groups by people of wealth and power who think it their right to use their position  to do so.

My intent in providing my viewpoint  is two-fold: To present a different viewpoint, and to create an environment for thought.

Getting folks to agree with me has  never my intent in writing thousands of opinion pieces, both print and electronic; proving a simple pathway of thought-provoking commentary … that is what I seek.

I detest pomposity to any degree, just as I abhor people in power-positions proclaiming themselves experts in

areas in which they have no knowledge except for the simple act of listening to and mimicking parrot-speak from one-trick talking  media ponies.

I do not hate Donald Trump. I simply do not see in him one iota of any redeeming social value. I do not wish him any harm, other than whatever legal troubles he brought upon himself. I do admit, however, the sheer act of reading his obituary could easily create a need for me to do the Tigger happy dance.

Unlike many rich folks and a majority of politicians, I do not want my detractors to break out in boils or or be forced to drink sewer water.

I have to assume they, at times, are as uncomfortable in their skin just l as I am comfortable in mine.

Now, that possibility makes me smile.


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