COVID Special Report


December 24, 2021

For the next several days, the folks who keep up with COVID statistics are taking off work for the holidays. This comes at a bad time; the East Texas numbers are now going up.

Even vaccinated people should wear masks, space out, avoid crowds — especially indoor crowds in buildings with poor ventilation.

If you don’t feel well, don’t go out. When in doubt, test if you can find a test.

Avoid immunocompromised folks. Avoid sick folks. We still have hospital beds in this area at this time.

Most of the new cases are almost certainly Omicron which is probably less lethal than Delta. In the next six months, we will have several new drugs to treat Covid as well as enhanced and available testing capabilities.

New vaccines will be developed for any and all of the Variants when and if they appear.  The situation is improving. It remains prudent to be vaccinated and boosted.

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