Opinion: Bless Your Heart

 Opinion: Bless Your Heart

By George Smith  — September 4, 2021

If you are a Republican in Texas AND support the GOP’s heavy-handed, smashmouth legislative abuse of minorities in the state…oh, my. I pity you.

Bless your heart.

If you agree with recent laws allowing open carry of guns without a permit or proper training, restricting voters’ ability to conveniently cast ballots, attacking—nay, demolishing — a woman’s right to control health issues affecting her own body after consultation with her doctor AND her god, mandating the teaching of the “lipstick on a pig” version of history, and the pending bill to allow the oil and gas industry to discharge environmentally harmful “wastewater”  into streams, rivers and lakes, then shame on you.

The Republican Party of pre-McConnell, President Trump, Rand Paul, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green amd Lorraine Boebert was more into trying to refocus the party to appeal to a broader audience rather than pervert its mission by focusing on the eras remembered for the shoot-em-up freedom of the Old West, voting abuses aka Jim Crow 2.0, resurrection of the “Scarlet Letter” type labeling of women’s rights, and blatantly bypassing current federal anti-pollution edicts.

Drunk on majority power and high on the  “eat-s***-and-die” and “divide and conquer” agenda and policies shoved down Americans’ throats by President Donald Trump, nationwide Republican legislatures will follow Texas’ lead simply because they can.

The Texas Republican-controlled legislature, backed by the state’s smirking higher tier of elected officials are playing the political short game rather than looking a few years down the road when the state’s minority voters will move heavily into the majority.

Then, and it’s less than a decade away, GOP statewide-elected officials will be more rare than an effective border wall on the Texas-Mexico border.

Wake up, Republicans. Your power base is already eroding and your jack-booted way of governing will soon end. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”.

It may already be too late to save the party as a viable political entity. But it’s never too late to see the grievously erroneous path you have been taking, admit mistakes and plan for a positive future.

Three E’s that could save the party: Empathy.

Earning Trust through good works.

Energy expended toward positive outcomes for all citizens.

Are you ready to be proactive, redefine your mission and accept the inevitabilities of guaranteed future trends to help save the party?

Let’s see: I’m betting NFW: No Freakin’ Way. Mean-spirited smugness has a way of corroding one’s soul.


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