The Bible

The Bible

By George Smith

We all know that the Bible can be used to inspire, excite, motivate, punish and/or shame. Subjective  scripture-pulling is as old as the scriptures; just because it’s a common practice doesn’t make it right.

Controversial topics — from capital punishment to immigration to homosexuality — have pro and con arguments supposedly linked to scriptures in the Old and New testaments or lack thereof.

Some folks love beating gay rights activists with Old Testament scripture, ignoring the fact Jesus was on Earth 33 years and never once addressed the issue. They are afraid to mention the earliest drafts of certain books of the Bible which mentioned same-sex relationships, condemning only sex between adults  and children, never consensual adults. (Check it out. I did.)

These are the same folks who use the Second Amendment to advocate for the right to carry any weapon anywhere, but conveniently forget the key phrase “well-regulated militia” is part of that  amendment.

The Bible is an inspirational book, no doubt. But there are parts of it that have been altered/rewritten numerous times and human prejudices and biases are evident .

Some parts of the Bible are simply ignored.  When’s the  last time you heard a sermon about Sarah and her arranging a sexual encounter between a servant and her husband? Or King David had an affair with a married woman, impregnated her and sent her husband to his death in battle?

The Bible has numerous scriptures that would be supermarket tabloid headlines  if the events happened today.

The Hunter Biden and Matt Gaetz stories would not even be in the first 6-7 pages of The Globe or National Enquirer if in competition with Bible scandals.

In other words, folks believe what they want to believe and ignore truths (or twist the facts) to suit their personal argument.

Ignorance is no excuse when your stance on an issue  infringes on the rights of others. And it makes no difference where your beliefs come from, including political philosophies or pundits, charismatic politician figures or the Bible.

Like the edict of doctors, all folks with opinions should, first, take an oath to “do no harm”.

George S. Smith


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