Neutralising antibody activity against SARS-CoV-2 VOCs B.1.617.2[DELTA] and B.1.351 [BETA]by BNT162b2 [initial Covid-19 virus] vaccination

“…In the case of single-dose recipients, our data show that NAbTs [antibody levels] are significantly lower against B.1.617.2 [Delta] and B.1.351 [Beta]VOCs relative to B.1.1.7 [Alpha], implying that although a single dose might still afford considerably more protection than no vaccination, single-dose recipients are likely to be less protected against these SARS-CoV-2 variants. These data, therefore, suggest that the benefits of delaying the second dose, in terms of wider population coverage and increased individual [antibodies] after the second dose,7 must now be weighed against decreased efficacy in the short-term, in the context of the spread of B.1.617.2 [Delta}. Worldwide, our data highlight the ongoing need to increase vaccine supply to allow all countries to extend second-dose protection as quickly as possible….

“Consequently, further booster immunizations of JCVI Priority Groups in the UK and similar groups in other counties, as well as others with lower vaccine-induced..[resistance] than the cohort of BNT162b2 [Delta] recipients studied here (ideally with modified vaccines that induce [resistance]…. that broadly neutralize emerging …[variants]) are more likely to be required to maintain the highest levels of [resistance] in regions where B.1.617.2[Delta] or other equally … resistant strains become prevalent.

(J. Harris: So, Vaccination with two jabs, and with the second jab administered at the prescribed time, is necessary to protect against the variants studied so far, especially when vaccinated with the British (AstraZeneca)vaccine. This Delta variant is already in the US, but another hospital gutting, mortuary filling US pandemic should be prevented by VACCINATIONS.   We need to vaccinate all the unvaccinated folks we can. I am embarrassed and saddened to have seen with this epidemic just how naive, uneducated, and careless many, many people seem to be. I thought most Americans were smarter than we are. I thought that because of the gross horror of the pandemic, governmental, medical and scientific leaders would be more dynamic, united, and forceful. We have had great success if the rapid discovery, manufacture, and testing of at least two magnificent vaccines. Now, to get comprehensive distribution, we need LEADERSHIP and ORGANIZATION.  For now, the more educated and reasonable folks are mostly vaccinated. Now, we need concerted effort to vaccinate the “hesitant,’ which is about the nicest moniker you can give to most of the unvaccinated. And, we must remember, there will be a next time with other capricious and bastardly viruses — or, we need more gravediggers, and the good ones are being paid not to dig anymore.  Somewhere, Typhoid Mary is chuckling with glee and amazement because “the current authorities” haven’t been more diligent in insisting on —actually demanding — programs for public health management and safety.


The Delta variant is proving to be a stubborn hurdle

“As the U.S. heads into its second pandemic summer, President Biden warned that those who fail to get vaccinated against Covid-19 risk becoming infected by “a variant that is more easily transmissible, potentially deadlier and particularly dangerous for young people...In Russia, the Delta variant is now the most prevalent version in Moscow, where case numbers have tripled over the past two weeks and city officials have added 5,000 beds to coronavirus wards. The outbreak has led to some vaccine mandates.

Mental health crisis is kids’ long-haul COVID

“…We spend a lot of time talking about adults with long-haul COVID…” the behavioral mental health crisis is going to be the long-haul for kids.”

One way children’s hospitals have extended a limited mental health infrastructure and pediatric psychiatric workforce is through behavioral telehealth visits… Patients have responded positively to virtual visits. The hospital saw no-show rates for behavioral health visits drop from 16 percent to 6 percent,…the hospital plans to keep 65 percent of its mental health-related telehealth visits remote. Part of the reason is the accessibility aspect, while another is the ability to see into children’s home lives…”


Without access to health care, undocumented immigrants turn to expensive, unproven cures.

(J. Harris: This is also happening here. We need a big ole shaded tent on the square with a sign saying (in English and Spanish) “FREE VACCINATIONS FOR COVID. NO ID NEEDED. FREE. There is plenty of vaccine here and people willing to give it. There are plenty of Spanish speakers willing to help. The County Health Dept., ETBU, Christus, multiple clinics and Pharmacies have and have had vaccines. We have a LOCAL problem. Only 24% of Harrison County residents are vaccinated. About 8% of the population here has had documented Covid, and you can assume at least that many have had silent cases. So, maybe 40 % of us are at least mostly immune to the current Variants, and Delta is coming. In addition, it seems that we have had a super spreader event locally and have a sharp increase in local cases here and in surrounding counties.

Long COVID has exposed medicine’s blind-spot

(J. Harris: Good short discussion about Long Covid. )



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