“WOKENESS”  noun [ U ] mainly US informal

US/ˈwoʊk.nəs/ UK  /ˈwəʊk.nəs/

“a state of being aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality”

I finally looked up this stupid word that people are throwing around like a warmup ball at a baseball game; I thought I knew what it meant, but wanted the clinical definition.

Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted the proponents of “wokeness” on a weekend interview, saying it was a condition foisted upon the nation by professors in liberal colleges and universities.

No, cease and desist, that’s not right. That was Democrat consultant and self-promotimg, anything-GOP-is-bad manta spewmaster James Carville who made that pronouncement; Cruz urged folks to stand up to “wokeness” in corporate America.

To further stir the pot full of “woken”, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders said Carville opined Carville had ceased to be relevant on any issue of national importance.

Wake up on the woke issue! Why in Dick’s hat band woujd anyone be AGAINST more folks becoming aware of the extent of apparent meat-fisted societal ills like inequality and racism?

Both exist in this country, in our individual communities: That is a fact.

Every single American should be cognizant of that fact and pledge as individuals to work to bring segments of the country together rather than spout balderdashisn BS that only serve to further divide us.

The only element wrong with “wokeness”?  It is those officials and their minions who do not want the nation’s  growing abyss between political power players and their followers to shrink. An expanding division between parties, between people, positively impacts their personal  political power so they use their opposition to “wokeness” as a rallying cry and stump-speech bludgeon.

“… one nation…with liberty and justice for all.”€

Wake up to the potential of “wokeness”.

The definition of the word says it all. Tune out those that use the word as a negative cudgel to further their personal political agenda.

€ if you are wondering why I omitted “under God” from the phrase above, the nation’s founders made it clear that “separation of church snd state” was a key component to the freedoms they thought paramount in this new nation. And “under God” was only added to the pledge of allegiance in 1954.

Just another “woke” issue.


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