And The Winner Is


By Ron Munden — 3/4/2021

The Biden administration has only been in office for a little over 40 days and I am ready to call the winners of  in both the 2022 and 2024 elections.

In 2022 the Republicans will win back both the House and Senate.  In 2024 the Republicans will hold the House and Senate and win the Presidential election.

Anyone that has read what I have written in the past couple of years will know that I am not an admirer of the current Republican party.  So I am disappointed that I have to make this prediction.

Although most people think I am a Democrat, I am not – never have been.  I was a Repubican for 40 years and an Independent for the last 20 years.  I believe it is Independents that determine the direction of the country so the political parties have to sell them on who to vote for in elections. I have always thought the Democrats did a poor job selling their message and have shown a lack of understanding of the hot buttons for the three voting blocks Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.  This is why the Republicans win more.  In some cases all the Republicans  really need to  do is sit back and watch the Democrats self-destruct. 

In my opinion the looting and rioting associated with the Black Lives Matters protest in the summer cost the Democrats votes in the 2020 election.  It almost cost the Democrats the House. If President Trump had not completely bungled the handling of the COVID-19 crisis, he would be President now – last summer’s BLM looting and rioting would have guaranteed that.

As an Independent,  I have a hard time voting for a political party whose supporters riot and loot.  It is a hot button for me.    I must add that attacking the US Capitol is also a hot button.  So I have the  same difficulty for a political party that fails to condemn it or acts like it did not really happen.

So why do I think that the Republican will turn both houses of Congress in 2022?  

The Democrats are making too many unforced errors.  They are pushing too many hot buttons that will cost them votes and wins in the 2022 election.  The Democrats are tone death.

To appease the far left they are focusing on the  treatment of transgender issues.  While I support transgender rights, I realize it is a sensitive issue.  Focusing on it will cost the Democrats votes.  During dumb things like allowing transgenters to compete in women’s sports will cost more votes.  Putting a transgender in a high goverment  position will cost even more votes.  

Now what other hot buttons could the Democrats focus on in the first 40 days?  Why not immigration?  That is a sensitive issue.

If the Democrats have any hope of not being killed in 2022 and 2024 they have to accomplish something for the American people.  Letting transgenders play women’s sports is not going to do it.  They must work on things that help ALL of the citizens.

The Democrats also must recognize that they will not get any help from the Republicans.  Remember Mitch McConnel and “our goal is to make Obama a one term President”?  Guess what – he is still around.  Forget bi-partisan.  It is a great concept but it doesn’t exist in Washington DC.

If I was a political consultant I would tell President Biden:

  • Get the Stimulus bill passed  now 
  • Play the game like you have 2 years because that is all the time you have
  • Take a page from the Republican playbook – don’t waste time trying to get the Republicans to work with you. 
  • Change the rules to ensure you can win for two years
  • Work on projects that are important to all  Americans – like infra-structure  improvement.
  • Get some balls – kick ass and get your own party in line

Mr. President if  you don’t do this your party is toast in 2022.  Your party will be in the wilderness for the next 6 years.


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