Impeach But Don’t Convict

Impeach But Don’t Convict


By Ron Munden 

I checked the news shows on several networks this morning.  All had Republicans and Democrats on air saying that President Trump committed an impeachable act on January 6, 2021. 

There were a variety of viewpoints about whether he should be impeached with only 10 days left in office.  The  “no” and “yes” answers did not break along party lines.  Those that said “no” said it was time for the country to move on.  Others thought it was important to demonstrate that the President of the United States is not above the law.

Senator Mitch McConnell has said that if the House impeaches President Trump the trial in the Senate could not start before 20 January. The Senators are on a needed vacation.

It appears to me the solution is simple.

This week the House of Representatives should take up the question of impeachment.  I understand that the vote on impeachment could come as early as Wednesday.  Every Representative can cast a vote. This will let the voters know  whether the Representative supports Donald Trump or  the Constitution and the rule of law in the country.  By Thursday Donald J. Trump could be Impeached.

This would give Trump a slap on the wrist for trying to destroy democracy in the United States.

The Constitution does not specify when the Speaker of the House has to send the articles to the Senate so she should hold them as long as she wants.  She should hold the Impeachment paper.  Mitch has said that the Senate cannot take impeachment up until after 20 January so there is no need to clutter his desk with Impeachment papers.

If Trump is a good boy for the next 10 days she could decide to just never forward the Impeachment papers.  If Trump is a bad boy and acts up as expected by many, she could send the papers over after deciding if additional articles should be added.

The new Democrate Majority Leader of the Senate could schedule the Impeachment trial if required.  Let’s all hope that it will not be required.


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