By George Smith — 12/16/2020

 There-is-no-“bottom”-for-bottom-feeders headline of the day:

“Tucker Carlson Calls Jill Biden ‘Illiterate,’ ‘Not Very Bright’ and Says She ‘Can’t Think Clearly’ as He Continues Mocking Her”

Dr. Jill Biden has a doctorate in education. Carlson has a bachelor’s in advanced pencil sharpening or history, I forget which. He was rejected for employment by the CIA and moved into print journalism. He used to work fur MSNBC but couldn’t cut it.

A hardline Trumpuppet, he gets pleasure out of verbally gutting those he thinks are elitists snobs. This from a man who father was richly-rich and owned homes in La Jolla, California., Nevada and owned several islands. One of Carlson’s schools was a prep school in Switzerland. The country.

Rave on, B.A. Boy! Go ahead and pick on the FLOTUS-in-waiting, who has four degrees, a bachelor’s, two master’s AND a doctorate. While she is putting her stamp on the White House role and history, you’ll still be a petulant brat with a degree from a college few people have ever heard of, located in a state few people have ever visited.

Boolah! Boolah!


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