By George Smith — 11/05/2020

All-over-the-place thoughts on day-after with no definitive winner for president::

— A majority of Trump voters voted FOR him; a majority of Biden voters voted AGAINST Trump.

— Biden is on the cusp of victory for the simple fact he is not Donald Trump.

— President Trump was his own albatross; he simply could not shut up about how great he had handled the COVID pandemic, and voter fraud by traditional Democrat Party bloc voters and those same voters came out with a vengeance.

— Polls, except to give jobs to pollsters and candidates talking points at political rallies, are useless.

— Trump was, after all NOT the Chosen One.

— Six lawsuits, at deadline, filed by Trump’s campaign against local election laws…all kicked to the curb.

— Trump, if defeated, will start  caterwauling and issue a executive order juggernaut that will rattle the nation’s political structure to its core. The question will be: Will Republicans be string enough and ready to deal with an out-of-control whining loser who is destroying the party.

— Both parties have to change in order to be relevant in the future. Democrats have to stop flirting with the outer edges of socialism  surrealism and sell the idea that this nation is already a democratic socialist republic. And , there’s nothing wrong with that. The Republicans have to stop flirting with the outer edges of systemic racism, Qanon weirdness and alt-right claptrap and sell the idea that this nation is already a democratic socialist republic. And , there’s nothing wrong with that.

— The Electoral College must go.

— Congressional term limits must become a law.

— The fact this presidential race and a host of legislative races garnered record millions of dollars from special donors cries out for political finance reform.

— State election laws must be reviewed and changed as needed to ensure every legal vote cast is counted in a timely manner.

— The Postal Service should never, ever be a part of a political scheme to suppress votes.

— No political party should do anything to suggest that suppression of votes is acceptable; they should rearrange their platforms and priorities to attract the most voters.

— it’s time, past time, actually, for the Dems and GOPers to stop this childish one-up bickering and agree to work together to: Smother COVID, pass a stimulus bill, raise taxes on folks making more than $400,000 a year and raise top tax rate on big companies; create a punitive penalty import tax for any company moving jobs out of the country; get serious about election and campaign security;cut 8-10 percent of nonessential services out of the federal budget; pass a comprehensive infrastructure bill, and; (whew) use a common sense approach to create a system that encourages salons from different parties to … just get along and substitute bickering and name-calling for cooperative efforts on behalf of all residents.

Let’s git ‘r’ done!


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