By George Smith

When Trump was elected, I wrote: “He is our president, my president, and I want him to be the best president. Our country needs leadership, needs healing and an end to division…in politics, in suspicion, in hatred, and in irresponsible use of social media and vitriolic tweeting.”

But Trump kept tweeting his irrepressible anger and juvenile judgmental harrangues and I wonder why.

He has Fox News and NewsMax and the Washington Examiner; he has his parroting communications team, his all-in cabinet officials, his Hell-Yeah kids and in-laws and in-GFs and aides and staffers to do his shouting.

So, why does he keep tweeting craziness-cubed statements aimed at aggravating some folks that might — MIGHT — consider his point of view if he would take a more gentle approach in his rhetoric?

Trump should rely more on  his Mulvaneys, his Cruzes, his McElehenys and his Grahams to carry the dirty word-water…and shhhhhhhh…stop the tweetsanity!

Trump should leave the nastiness to his attack dogs and try and rev up support from those who detest his bully-boy social media tactics.

It is obvious the president has never heard the English proverb: Why buy a dog if you’re going to bark?

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