By George Smith

January 31, 2020.

On this day, there were multiple deaths reported, some expected, some that were surprises and one death that affected every American and resident in the United States.

The deaths included:

– Truth. Truth died at the hands of partisan politicians, callous cultists who calculated the odds of staying in a position of power versus declaring to the literary tomes of political history that truth matters and that the absolute truth is that, in the United States, no one is above the law. Truth died a horrible screaming death in the marbled Senate sanctum at the hands of elected officials who refused to expand the impeachment trial timeframe in order to keep truth a chance to once again breath.

— Separation of powers and justice: The constitutional divide between the executive and legislative branches of government was slowly strangled in the days of drama played out in the senate. That slow and painful death of justice was caused by the noose of neglect and negativism perpetuated by President Donald J. Trump and his disgruntled band of pompous head-nodders. In no other judicial case in history has a defendant directed the actions of the jury sitting in judgment. Trump and his automatons march in lockstep because of a conjoined belief that if the president is adjudged a liar, crook, extortioner and/or using the power of the presidency for personal gain, the voters will take out their frustrations on all things Republican.

Power, position, turf, territory, title and ego reign supreme in the hearts and minds of these petty elected officials, who put party over country and self-interest over everything other entity.

— Republican Party. The party of Lincoln and Reagan is no more. The death of the party that made an entire race free, that brought a divided nation back together and that created the policy of compassionate conservatism died this date from deliberate suffocation.

The party that for generations promoted free trade, small government and a balanced budget is smashed-skunk-in-the-middle-of-the-road dead. And, that nodule of conservatism will never be viable again.

The U. S. still has two main political parties: The Democratic Party and the Trumpian Party. Those former Republicans had choose not to sign on as a full-fledged Trumpians can only look in the mirror to see the reason this country is so divided; they can know the image staring back at them helped elect and support a dictator-in-waiting,
and were an instrument of destruction for a once-great political institution.

There are few easy deaths, even fewer gallant ones. These deaths on the last day of January 2029 are particularly difficult, gruesome even, because they adversely affect every single resident of this nation…and the world.

If there ever will be a R.I.P., it will be a long time coming. Until that time, God bless us all.

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  1. Denys Bucksten
    Americans will, eventually and way too late, realize that we, as a country, have failed. Generations of adults will try to explain to their children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, why the rivers and oceans are hopelessly polluted, why fresh water has and will become one of the rarest commodities on the planet, why millions of animal and plant species became extinct and why the rest of the world will scorn the residents who once shared the wealth and freedoms of the richest country in world history. If you think the “Ugly American” moniker was spot on decades ago, you’re going to really learn what the world thinks of us in the years to come. We are on the very brink of having failed, utterly and completely, led by a complete fool, religious nuts, racists and people who look like intelligent, responsible adults but are anything but. Greta Thunburg, you were right.


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