By George Smith

Nothing has changed in four years. This column written in January 2016.

What are we doing to each other?

The frustration and anger from the heartland about the unbridled corruption and blind hatred directed at any person expressing an opinion that does not follow the bootfalls of a certain political philosophy has emerged with a vengeance.

It is impossible to have a meaningful exchange of ideas when people re-spew venom and lies from mouth breathers whose paycheck is based on the degree and mass of heated rhetoric they can shovel.

Certain politicos are profession aginners, fear-mongers, and haters. The fact that so many folks are buying into the frustration and hate-word-filled  diatribes scares me and creates an intense sense of doom for America and its citizens.

Educate yourself on the issues and then vote. Exercising your right to vote — after filtering out the self-righteous pabulum — is paramount if we ever hope to bridge the chasm that is dividing this country.

This is not about Obama and/or Trump., Republican values, Democratic values, about guns or religious difference or where a person is born.

This is about acknowledging that America is broken and working to fix the ills washing over its citizens. It is not about creating more problems and hatred.

This election is important, possibly the most important in its history since the last days of WWII.

Educate yourself in all the issues; research each candidate and stated position; reject the implausible and the mountain of impossible theoretical promises; turn off cable news programs and start thinking for yourself.

Then, vote. The future of the country –the future of its heart and soul — are at stake.

Don’t let billionaires buy your vote. Think. Study. Vote.

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