By George Smith

Like it or loathe it, the impeachment trial of Donald  J. Trump is an extraordinarily historical event.

Like him or loathe him, the American people are entitled to know the truth: Did the president break the law?

Unconventional. That’s a good descriptive word for the 45th. president. Other words and phrases that, in my mind, also fits this president include “reactionary,” “ignorant of history and how government works,” “cyber-bully,” “egomaniacal,” “whining crybaby” and “flimflam artist.”

None of those descriptive terms are impeachable offenses; abuse of power and obstruction of justice are.

What we are seeing and going to see in the Senate version of a poorly written soap opera is comedy posing as a drama.

When the curtain comes up on the 21st
 of January, 2020 on the impeachment trial, the world will be seeing a farce of a trial; it will be a trial in name only. What will be shown on the world stage will be a partisan morality play superimposed over a promise of fairness and transparency.

Without pertinent witnesses (and Hunter Biden has no direct knowledge of the charges against the president; that is a ridiculous GOP talking point), the proceedings will be a whitewash, pure and simple.

If Trump did nothing wrong, allow witnesses and order up pertinent documents. Without them, there is not a trial, just a waste of time and money.

Trump has already been found guilty; he has been impeached, a stigma that will never go away.

The GOP will only put an exclamation mark on his humiliation by continuing the coverup.

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