Photo/Article FEEDBACK — 2020-1

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17 thoughts on “Photo/Article FEEDBACK — 2020-1

  1. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Rick Saxcat Sims
    It was dead before because live music was shunned. It began to be revitalize as music came back . Music died in downtown again so did Marshall.🤨
    You reap what you sow!


  2. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Danny Kale
    When the hospital stopped delivering babies good sign the town is dying. I saw an interview with a organization called conservative move. They said Illinois, NEW York, and California are the top places that businesses and working class Americans are leaving. They are moving to conservative areas like Texas. Marshall’s problem is it needs to welcome them here so our economy will grow.


  3. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Penny Sue Cochran
    Marshall seems to not want new businesses nor does it support anything. I mean look at Wonderland..there used to be so many buses in the neighborhoods and downtown and now it’s almost embarrassing when you have friends who want to come see it. Take Blue Cross for instance,,,they lowered their pay scale because Marshall didn’t want them taking other businesses employees. Its like our city likes this cloud over us. If you try to buy anything downtown the rent or purchase price is so high plus you will still have to repair it because everything is so run down. It’s sad when you see little Hallsville is almost connected with Longview because it’s grown so much. Let some industry in here that pays good !.and let the industry we do have grow !! Im not saying that Im guilty to for shopping in other places but you can only take so many Chicken places and banks ! haa I do love my city and would love to see it take off !


  4. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Linda A.Adler
    Ron, Good news: Gold Star Loans bldg. was bought by the new owner of the property next door (formerly Mr Clifton Young’s tailor shop). Both of these properties in the 100 block of E. Austin have either been or are being expertly, beautifully redone!


  5. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    James H Smith
    Graveside services at 3:30 pm Feb 30th..Downtown Marshall has been dying since the end of the 60’s. Bealls Bros, J.C. Penny Weismans, E.B. Hayes machinery, Logan & Whaley, so many others, it is so sad to see the roof on the Paramount theater with holes from front to rear, so many good memories there…


  6. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Active Now
    Jacque Wise 😔
    So very obvious when your kids come home for Christmas and bring their spouses to see the Wonderland of Lights (same young people that were also a part of growing the Wonderland of Lights) and they are saddened by the lack of lights and luster. The good part was listening to them tell about the wonder and beauty of what it Used to be like and what it Used to Feel like. We surely did work hard for 20 years to build it up. Amazing how things change when the ball is dropped….in the wrong hands. And you are right, Rick, we need to hear the music again. Not one place to go for the magic of music anymore.


  7. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    The 200 block of north washington used to be a music store. The reason it closed? Rent was over 2k per month and the roof was caving in. The landlord wouldn’t touch it. Also, the building shown as 100 block of East Austin, hasn’t been closed for over 5 years. It was a tattoo parlor in 2016. The reason it closed? Rent was nearly 3k per month!!! No downtown business will ever survive Marshall with such high rent and landlords laughing all the way to the bank.


  8. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Jill Davis
    This video leaves out a lot of awesome things happening downtown. In fact, Level Up is open in one of the empty spaces you mention as well as Square Nutrition. The city is going to make the Perkins building space usable for people as an outdoor space for a period of time but will eventually be ready for a brand new space. The city presented a downtown master plan with incentives for economic growth. The new Memorial City Hall is a beautiful, unique space. The Ginocchio, Joe Pine Coffee, Blue Frog, Central Perks, The Infield, Pazzeria, General Store, Deb’s, Cajun Tex, Miguel’s, R&R Bakery, recently renovated Hotel Marshall with a state of the art nursing school for ETBU! There’s a lot of life. These businesses also represent PEOPLE (like myself) who are trying to put their best foot forward to help our sweet little town grow. Things are happening — and that will continue. Instead of making a video that’s sad and unhelpful, why not see the potential? Why not encourage those people who work tirelessly to bring events and business downtown? The young folks over at Square Nutrition – they put a lot on the line to start a little business – they are from the area and they are young – let’s be cheerleaders for them. They are the next generation of people who can help bring growth to this area. It makes me sad that you spent time creating something like this to be shared – it just doesn’t paint the whole picture. It makes me sad that someone would think this IS the picture. It’s just not true.


  9. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Jill Davis
    Mr. Munden — I just want you to know that I have looked through some of the other things you have published and there is a lot of positive as well. Please know that my desire is just to help change a conversation that has been negative about Marshall’s downtown. I am personally invested and involved along with many others. It makes me sad that this was shared 20 something times and there are people who will see it who don’t have the whole story. I believe that you want to see good things happen in this city as well.


  10. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Jill Davis
    Ron Munden I read it. Thank you – I do think there are a lot of positives happening with the City of Marshall. Lots of employees and commissioners working hard for our city. Excited for next steps.


  11. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Jim Bates
    Absolutely everything is not perfect in our fair city! But a spirit of negativity won’t get it done. WE all need to use our various gifts and speak up with respect and good ideas to move us forward. WE have a strong new City Manager who is open to the suggestions of any citizen. Read and listen and insert you ideas and opinions to those who rule (City Manager, City Commission, City Committees, etc.).


  12. Marshall’s Downtown Is Dying
    Suzanne Kizer Carter
    Ron Munden, I wish your opinion piece was in a video so the folks who won’t take the time to READ it, would be exposed to the positive points you make.

    Note: A link was added to the video.


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