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8 thoughts on “PHOTO/ARTICLE FEEDBACK – JUNE 2019

  1. Norcie Crosby: Comment: Thank you East Texas Exposed and George Smith. Finally a column expressing the outrage felt by me and many others in Marshall. This outrage too often lies hidden from view. Our job is to begin to campaigning NOW.


  2. article: Change is in the Air:
    Charlie Blalock —
    Hope the new city manager Mark Rohr’s hands will not be tided behind his back and the city commissioners will support him and maybe ignore personal political pressures that they will be exposed to. I hope he will put the right person in the appropriate positions and possibly hiring new individuals if he deems necessary. City commissioners ,you have hired a new city manager and his responsibility is to organize and run the city to the best of his ability, you have for filled your responsibility by hiring Mr Roth. Support him or at least 12 to 18 months and if you think he is not the appropriate leader for this position as city manager then it is your duty to hire another manager! I agree with you Ron, accountability, measurable productivity and timelines are essential. Proper financial accountability is imperative, transparency and proper accounting of revenues and expenses in each department and projects are the only way to get accurate information for the city Manager and staff to make informed decisions that the city commissioners can measure and see how well the budgets are being followed and how well each department is performing
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  3. article: Change is in the Air:
    Jim Bates — Understand the meeting was productive and hopefully producing a vision to be fulfilled in the future. I hated to miss it, but was out of town. Certainly Marshall needs a way forward!


  4. George Smith’s articles:
    Sue — Ron, George Smith is an outright hateful idiot. This president has done more for the American people than any president before him. All the others feed the swamp and he’s draining it. reason why they hate him. You liberals want globalism and most Americans do not. We do not enjoy your website any more. Smith should move to a socialist country. America will never be socialist
    You show bias and so this website is not for us any more.

    I love trump and that’s that!

    Please take us off you’re website. I do not want to see his crap any more.

    Editor’s comment
    I do not always agree with George Smith but I respect his to stay his opinion. Therefore I will continue to post his articles.

    I also respect Sue’s desire not to read my website so I assisted her in removing her email address from our newsletter mailing list.

    I have said many tomes that I want to print articles from diverse point of view. Anyone can sent us a Letter to the Editor and require it be printed.

    That is how things should work in America.


    comment by: Vance Nesbitt — We shall see if your very learned assessment comes to pass Ron. I’m not nearly as hopeful as I used to be, but I remain so.
    The midterms gave me great hope. It was the largest turnover of political parties since the end of the Civil War. Even Alabama now has a Democratic Senator.
    One only has to look to California to see how a supermajority actually representing their constituents (we got rid of gerrymandering) can work well, and smoothly, and effectively, and economically.
    I hope our national politics gets the chance. The writing is on the wall for us old white guys. I’m glad that our demographic will no longer be in charge. We’ve almost ruined things, and the current guy is of course the absolute worst.
    Out of this I see great, positive change. IF — IF our institutions can endure, and reason & sanity prevail.


    comment by: Jim Bates — I was blessed today to see “old white men” (and some others) at Normandy to celebrate the accomplishments in World War II that won that war. Using California as an example puzzles me. Glad I live in Texas!


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