Pulpwood Queens book clubs meet in Jefferson for 19th year

By Caleb Brabham cbrabham@marshallnewsmessenger.com

Book lovers stampeded into Jefferson this weekend as book club The Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys held its annual conference in Jefferson.

“The book club’s sole mission is to promote authors, books, literacy and reading,” Pulpwood Queens Founder Kathy Murphy said. “We also like to champion first-time authors who have not been recognized in a big way. We have a lot of New York Times best-selling authors. But we really like to help the little guys who may never get seen. There are 10,000 books published a day — how does someone even get seen? That’s our goal.

”Hundreds turned out for the event, attending lectures, author meet-ups and book-signings.

Murphy said The Pulpwood Queens Book Club has grown tremendously since its humble start in Jefferson in 2000.

“This is our 19th year,” Murphy said. “We have 767 chapters. There are three more in the works. We’re also in 15 foreign countries. I started it in Jefferson with six complete strangers. It’s grown to be the largest meeting and discussing book club in the world.”

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