Feedback for the Week – 1/6/2019

The Importance of a Community Animal Shelter

1/8/2019 — Peggy Byassee — facebook
All thinking citizens here completely understand the arguments and agree totally with Katie Jarl; however, the shelter as proposed comes with LIGHTS FOR THE DRIVING RANGE, etc. Until the elites stop holding the shelter hostage until they get their expensive playground included, the good citizens will not go along. Stop the nonsense, create and enforce leash laws, and BUILD A PROPER SHELTER. Marshall is covered with “if we build it, they will come” projects. What we lack is the proper foundation.

1/8/2019 — Rebuild the Marshall Animal Shelter — facebook<brNobody knows who requested each budget item but we do know the golf course has a much bigger budget than the animal shelter. That’s something that probably never happens in other cities. It’s pretty crazy.

1/8/2019 — Peggy Byassee — facebook
Gail K Beil Larry Hurta Doug Lewis Gloria Moon Vernia Calhoun can anyone break this down? Who proposed what? Ron Munden, can you find out?

1/8/2019 –Julia Robb — facebook<excellent column. thank you Katie Jar

1/8/2019 — Peggy Byassee — facebook
There has never been any doubt that the shelter is beyond inadequate. The problem here in Marshall, Texas is there has been no laws that regulate and protect animals. Strays roam and often cause destruction and safety issues. AC is open and available about 7 hours a day 5 days a week. They have all holidays off. Three (3) people run the office and make emergency calls. When people are not required to be responsible for their “pets” problems arise and persist. Furthermore, the proposal for the shelter had add ons that insulted the average family here living at and below adequate income. Dogs and cats do not need lights at the driving range! Bullitt and Kimber and Tiny and Molly and Jake are so precious to my family that they are protected, trained, and cared for. A 10,000 sq.ft. animal shelter and vet hospital will not, cannot solve the basic problem of regulating responsible pet ownership and responsible and realistic funding. This needs to be addressed now.

1/8/2019 –Brett Davison — facebook<Where is the 400,000 tax dollars that were collected about 4 years ago just for a new shelter

1/8/2019 — Rebuild the Marshall Animal Shelter — facebook
Marilyn Gasper There is no need to raise taxes. The whole thing was already funded using a Certificate of Obligation. Unfortunately some people petitioned against it by telling people it would raise their taxes (when it would not) and the shelter plan was withdrawn because of it. If not for the petition (which had only six more signatures than it needed to succeed) a new animal shelter would be under construction already. Nobody wants their taxes raised and it is not necessary to do so. A shelter is more than a dog house. It serves many community functions, and municipal shelters such as ours, act as rabies control and animal control among other things. The shelter plan that was shelved because of opposition would have been the least expensive low-kill shelter build in Texas in over a decade.

1/8/2019 –Bonnie Deason Cliff — facebook<What we NEED is a low/no cost spay and neuter program.

1/8/2019 — Randy Burgess– facebook<The Marshall Tx animal shelter and a low/ no cost spay and neuter program is greatly needed but when you have residents complaining about taxes being raised for this program but want constant improvements in their areas in Marshall so they can constantly destroy it there is your waste the human / animal running loose no tag but destroying property

1/8/2019 –Bonnie Deason Cliff — facebook<What we NEED is a low/no cost spay and neuter program.

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