Feedback for the Week — 1/1/2019


1/2/2019 — Julia Robb — email
It seems to me that commissioners would have only one motive to ignore Doc’s warning; they are a pack of petulant kids who don’t want to listen to an outsider, or who are not smart enough to know what to do. But property owners in this city will find out the hard way about this situation, and then what will commissioners do? I say let’s get rid of the pack of them.

1/2/2019 — Christy Stewart Wehmeyer — facebook
Next election, it’s time for new commissioners, with the exception of Mr. Halliday. It needs to be done! There is money missing and I bet the current commissioners (with the exception of Mr. Halliday) know exactly where it is. Ron, you should run!

1/2/2019 — Leo Morris — facebook
Commissioner Calhoun voted against the budget that had expenditures in it causing the deficits and we can’t leave out the MCH project

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