By Ron Munden – December 31, 2018

In November I decided I would name a group as “Person of the Year for 2018.”  That all changed in early December when the City Finance Director informed the City Commissioners they had approved expenditures that exhausted the $900,000 in the excess reserve and cut $500,000 into the mandatory 90-day reserve.  This announcement caused me to rethink my selection.

In December 2017 I wrote:

Based on the data I have concluded that the City of Marshall is headed into “troubled waters” and is likely to encounter difficult economic issues in the near future. Unfortunately, the City Commissioners don’t appear to be aware of these economic problems or they choose not to address the problems. There is one exception and that person is EastTexasExposed Person of the Year – Commissioner “Doc” Halliday.

Commissioner Halliday has sounded the alarm on many occasions, but the other Commissioners seem to be tone-deaf.

Nothing has changed since 2017 except the lack of responsible actions by the current City Commissioners has accelerated the financial problems of the City more than I predicted in 2017.

Once again, this year Commissioner Halliday stood alone warning the other Commissioners and suggesting responsible actions while the other City Commissioners held hands, sang Cum By Ya as they moved the City of Marshall dangerously close to an economic cliff.

Not only did the other Commissions not embrace Commissioner Halliday’s suggestion, they worked to ensure that his suggestions did not even get a vote by repeatably refusing to second Commissioner Halliday’s motions thus avoiding a vote.

To avoid Commissioner Halliday agenda items from even being discussed Commissioner Doug Lewis has made a dangerous suggestion.  He has suggested that the City’s governance policy be modified to require a Commissioner have a second on the agenda item before it can be placed on the agenda for a meeting. 

Today Commissioner Halliday is fighting alone for the Citizens of Marshall.  This year other City Commissioners have demonstrated that they don’t understand budget management or don’t give a damn about responsible financial management.

It takes guts to fight for what is right when you know you will loose the fight – time after time after time.  Commissioner Halliday continues the fight.

It is for this reason William “Doc” Halliday is EastTexasExposed.com Person of the Year for 2018.

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