A Christmas Letter – 2018

December 1, 2018


Once again another year has slipped by and were it not for my journal I would be hard pressed to account for the time.

March found us dining at Don Cesar’s with my birthday twin. I don’t know how many more years we can make this pilgrimage but “Lord willing and if the creek don’t rise” (locals talk like this), we will be there this coming March. Click here to view St. Pete Beach gallery.

April was quite exciting. My local friend and travel buddy,Susan, and I popped across the “pond” if you call 11 hours in a plane “popping.”Destination England, Wales, and Scotland. The trip was out of this world. Ron won’t go anywhere that is cold or rainy. Needless to say, he didn’t accompany us.

In May we visited the Slot Canyons in Page, Arizona, and other local sites. This is an awesome area. I was totally blown away by the Slot Canyons. We went with a guide and a very small group. Like maybe 10 people or you won’t be able to experience the beauty. We also went out one day with a husband and wife—no one else–and they shared their land with us. I will never forget that day. No one else around for miles. We stood on the edge of the east rim of the Grand Canyon watching the Colorado river meander its way through the Canyon. Ron also got to shoot Cadillac Ranch. And we spent our last night on the road in Amarillo. On our way north we had dined at Crush, an outstanding restaurant with an unbelievable wine selection. We dined there again on our drive home. Click here to view the Horseshoe Bend Canyon gallery. Click here to view the X Canyon gallery. Click here to view east rim of the Grand Canyon galleryClick here to view Cadillac Ranch gallery.

In June I joined my friend, Denise, in Austin. An incredible trip. Austin is cool! Great sights and restaurants. We stayed at an AirB&B. Very pleasant experience. We positioned ourselves on the Ann Richards Bridge at the appropriate time to see bazillion bats fly out headed for dinner(mosquitoes). We used Lyft for transportation and it was affordable and convenient.

On June 24 we drove to Lebanon, MO, where we bought 6 pounds of love. Yes, one can buy love. In this instance it is a Noir poodle. This size is between a miniature and a standard. Should be less than 20 inches tall and 25 pounds. For our friends who believe I am crazy, I am. But for now, she motivates me to take daily walks. She is 8 months old and she looks like a black furry foal. All legs.  Click here to see pictures.

In September we made a quick trip to Virginia to attend myfriend Jonny’s special birthday and 50 years of wedded bliss party. It was a surprise created by her son and daughter-in-law and they really pulled it off. Great do-da.

We also visited my family, my sister and my two new grandchildren, Bella and Edward…goats.

Health wise it was an excellent year. I had broken a big toe and it had grown back with the top half sticking directly out at a left angle. Not too many shoes are made to compensate for this configuration, so I visited my podiatrist. He took one look and said he could fix that with no problem. How? His response, “I’m just going to lop it off but I’ll knock you out so you won’t hear the saw.” I now have a straight toe and the recoup time was minimal.

Ron went on his California sabbatical. I used to think the trip was good for him. He would return renewed with a positive outlook. Now I’m not sure he wants to come home. He certainly isn’t renewed. Northern California, or Marshall, Texas. Which would you pick?  Chick here to  see the Highway 1 gallery. Chick here to  see the Bohemian Bus Airbnb gallery.

However, Ron did find some time to design two new websites for his public…iEXPOSED.us covers art, entertainment and travel and is the platform for his photography. The other website is EastTexasExposed.com which is where he reports on local politics and current events. This allows him to pick on politicians starting at the ground level and going to the top. Let’s just say we are not invited to many social events particularly after Ron has released another volley from his painfully honest fingers. I keep asking him what became of good old hypocrisy. He said he is having too much fun and he never was much of a politically correct kind of guy.

In closing Ron and I trust you are comfortable and content and that the past year did not present too much “stuff” for you to handle.

 Be well my friends and Happy 2019.

                                                          Ron  and Deloris 

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