By Ron Munden – October 22, 2018

Today there is lots of talk about 7000 immigrants from Central America walking through Mexico and headed to the U.S. border. People are afraid these people are coming to take our jobs. Fortunately, the President has promised to protect our jobs from these invaders.

I am confident that this nation will get through this event and it will have no significant impact on the citizens of this country.

These are not the invaders that concern me. The invaders that concern me will be coming by the millions and will have a major impact on American jobs. They will change society from what we have today.

The invaders that concerns me are ROBOTS. I fear that we are a nation that is not preparing for impact of the robot invasion.

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  1. A big challenge that that he United States will face over the next 25 years. What will the United States do with the excess work force? Will we put it to work doing productive work in the social science area helping other people. How will the government fund this work. Will the government allow people that don’t ave jobs to sit at home and not work. Many unanswered questions.


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