By Deloris Munden

August 29 loomed in our future. A day that marked 35 years since the Munden’s went on a date. We were still talking, no recent calls to sheriff for spousal abuse; life was good.

Ron, who is always ready to leave town so he can “shoot” (photos) jumped at this and recommended Hot Springs, Arkansas.

One small detail…what to do with a 4 month-old puppy? We decided that it would be an excellent opportunity to expand her horizons if we took her with us. And how much trouble could she be. I pictured late night walks with Ron and Ginny (puppy), Ron and I throwing a ball to her, watching her reaction to new experiences, and murmuring “thank you “as people exclaimed how beautiful and stately she looks. I need to point out that Ron and I spend an hour on Sundays…at least…and that’s without a bath and blow dry and daily combing to achieve this stately look. But you can see how Ginny brings us together. I say, “you’ve got to hold her still” and Ron sweetly saying in a loud voice, “I am”!

So off we go. One hundred seventy nine miles and we will be checking in to La Quinta in Hot Springs.

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