By Deloris Munden

This past Saturday found us in Jefferson, Texas. Jefferson is a tiny town with a 2017 population of 2,106. But the 2,000 people who live there make a concentrated effort to attract visitors and Easter weekend was no exception.

With the dinner hour quickly approaching we selected The KnightLight Tavern. Our hostess/owner was dressed for the occasion. She wasn`t a bunny although she appeared to have whiskers (do rabbits have whiskers?) but she was covered in flowers. That sealed our decision.

Their wine list is very impressive with several house whites and house reds to choose from. The restaurant has an extensive wine by the bottle list including several in the $200 range if you are celebrating or just want one of those wines real bad. They also offer beer and spirits.

We snacked on bread with olive oil and herbs while we enjoyed our wine. It was tasty and just the right size for two people.

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Piazza Navona – February 16, 2018 – Rome, Italy


By Tom Allin

Nancy in one of her late night searches found Rich Steves’ online tour walks of Italy.
She downloaded these to our iPhones, downloaded Goggle Maps where the tour was
taking us, and we layered up with clothes and stepped outside.

The first tour we began with was Heart of Rome. This was an easy tour to do since it
began less than five minutes from our front door.

First stop is Campo de’ Fiori. During daylight hours the square is a large market of
mostly fruits and vegetables. Of course, a different sale table caught my attention.

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