Piazza Navona – February 16, 2018 – Rome, Italy


By Tom Allin

Nancy in one of her late night searches found Rich Steves’ online tour walks of Italy.
She downloaded these to our iPhones, downloaded Goggle Maps where the tour was
taking us, and we layered up with clothes and stepped outside.

The first tour we began with was Heart of Rome. This was an easy tour to do since it
began less than five minutes from our front door.

First stop is Campo de’ Fiori. During daylight hours the square is a large market of
mostly fruits and vegetables. Of course, a different sale table caught my attention.

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Vatican City at Night – February 15, 2018 – Rome, Italy


We had a light lunch late this afternoon and we are hungry. So we bundled up: long
underwear top, shirt, sweater, leather jacket, and gloves for me and Nancy dressed

We walked to the end of our street or about five blocks. We then walked into a
small restaurant that had a single couple occupying an indoor table. We made a
mistake – we only ate here one more time! Our two meals at Osteria Le Streghie are
as good as it gets. And by the time we left this evening over half the tables were
occupied – we are early dinners and had arrived a few minutes after 8:00 pm.
Note: this photograph was taken in the late afternoon on our second visit, not our
first visit at night.

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Bernini Sculptures and Villa Borghese – February 19, 2018 – Rome, Italy


By Tom Allin

Although we weren’t out and about every waking hour during the last several days,
this doesn’t mean we were loafing. While we rebounded at home from our colds we
also planned for our last week in Rome. I very much wanted to tour the Villa
Borghese and see its art. Nancy went online to purchase tickets and discovered the
Bernini, The Sculptures exhibit’s last day was Monday, February 19. We bought
tickets for the 9:00 am English speaking tour for that day.

Several things to note: (1) we don’t do too many tours and this was a great one to
do, (2) our tour guide was very enthusiastic and informative, (3) all tickets for the
Villa Borghese are for two hour durations and then they empty the Villa and let the
next group in – two hours isn’t nearly enough time to see everything and hopefully
we will make time to visit Villa Borghese and Rome again, and (4) Bernini is another
artist whose name I knew but now understand why many think he is a great artist –
my opinion is his sculpture of Pluto and Proserpina puts him in the category of the